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Monday, 20 October 2008

Faroes Project: YouTube meets language teaching!

The FAROES project, led by the Learning Societies Lab, at the University of Southampton and in association with the University of Portsmouth, presented and tested a beta version of the FAROES Language Box, 15th October, at Portsmouth University. The Language Box uses the best-practice principles of Web 2.0 sites - that they are social, interlinked, evolving, flexible, visually exciting and easy to use – in a prototype online space, designed for language teachers to store, manage and share their resources.

The day was attended by about 20 colleagues from across the language teaching community, who tested the usability of the Language Box and uploaded their own resources to begin actively looking at issues around sharing their materials. Kate Borthwick represents LLAS on the project team, and enjoyed hearing the feedback and comments from attendees – all of which will be taken away and processed so it can inform the next stage of development!
See the Language Box at http://languagebox.eprints.org and read more at www.faroes.ecs.soton.ac.uk.

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