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Monday, 29 September 2008

Arsène Wenger talks about learning languages.

Even for non-Arsenal fans these are great clips of Arsène Wenger talking positively about learning languages. They are produced by the Arsenal Double Club (one of this year’s winners of the European Award for Languages - www.cilt.org.uk/eal/doubleclub.htm) and are really inspiring.

There are two clips and each is available in two formats. The ".wmv"file might be best if using a Windows machine and the ".mov" if an Apple Mac. You may need to download the clips completely before being able to play them. You can access the clips at the following URLs:
Clip 1:http://privateweb.arsenal.com/languages/wenger1.wmv
http://privateweb.arsenal.com/languages/wenger1.mov 2:http://privateweb.arsenal.com/languages/wenger2.wmv
The WMVs will play on a Windows machine straight away in Windows Media Player. To play .mov - use www.apple.com/quicktime

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