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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

French Studies for the 21st century: new book

Many humanities programs -- and in particular many language programs -- have faced challenges in recent years of budget cuts and questions about their relevance. A new collection -- French Studies in and for the Twenty-First Century (Liverpool University Press) -- asserts that the field of French studies most certainly matters -- and should continue to be nurtured at top universities.

The book's editors are Philippe Lane, attaché for higher education at the French Embassy in London, and Michael Worton, vice provost and the Fielden Professor of French Language and Literature at University College London. Worton responded via e-mail to questions about the book and the state of French studies.

Philippe Lane and Michael Worton, French Studies in and for the Twenty-first Century (Liverpool University Press, 2011).

Interview with one of the editors, Professor Michael Worton In side HigherEd.com

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