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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Boris Johnson lobbies Tories to add Latin to state-school curriculum

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, said today he is lobbying Conservative colleagues to take "class out of the classics" and put Latin on the state-school curriculum.

Johnson, who has no mayoral remit or powers for under-16 education but is a passionate lover of Latin and Greek, is convening an event for headteachers at City Hall later today to press the case for the educational benefits of Latin.

The Guardian

1 comment:

Brian Barker said...

No Boris, Esperanto is better.

Five British schools have started teaching this new language. See http://www.springboard2languages.org/pilots.htm

As far as the learning of other languages, including English, can I also point out the propaedeutic values of Esperanto :)

Please check at http://www.lernu.net or http://eurotalk.com/en/store/learn/esperanto