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Friday, 21 November 2008

Academy Scotland travel fund for academic staff

his new initiative is aimed at encouraging the exchange and dissemination of good practices, at the discipline level, throughout the UK. It is specifically aimed at enabling academic staff in Scottish HEIs to engage with colleagues from other parts of the UK and to support their institution’s priorities and developments in learning and teaching. The funding may be used to help colleagues attend Higher Education Academy (including Subject Centres) conferences, network meetings and special interest groups that are being run outside of Scotland.

We will fund up to 25 bursaries in each of two rounds during academic year 2008-09. The maximum value of each bursary will be £300.

The deadline for round 1 is Friday 28 November and for round 2 is Friday 27 February.

Further details, including an application form, are available for the Academy Scotland web pages.

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