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Monday, 21 January 2008

Association for Language Learning competition

Students learning Russian at Schools, Colleges and Universities in the UK, including heritage learners, are invited to participate in the Second Russian Essay Competition 2008. The competition has been organised by the Russian Committee of the Association for Language Learning (ALL) http://www.all-languages.org.uk We hope that teachers will encourage their students to take part as this is an excellent way for them to compete nationwide with their peers in a field-wide event and to raise the profile of Russian at your institution.The contestants will submit their essays by 14 March and winners will be announced by 30 April 2008.Winners in each category will receive prizes and their essays will be published on the ALL website, in Rusistika journal and in London-INFO newspaper. The prizes will include books and CDs. The ab initio level winners will receive the Russian rapid courses with recordings of the Russian opera singer Tatiana Komova. We are hoping to invite the winners to a free lecture on the current exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London“On Russia: French and Russian Master paintings 1870-1925 from Moscow and St Petersburg”. All participants will receive certificates. For full details of the competition contact Natalia Tronenko natalia@tronenko.com

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